And if I were a butterfly…

Quite a while ago, perhaps I would say a long, long, long time ago… I read this story about a little boy who came from a broken home and was growing up all wrong. And then he want to this camp where he met Christ and his life began to turn around. The camp mentor could distinctly see a change in his attitude and behaviour. And then there was a drastic shift, one fine day, a day before the camp came to an end the boy acted and behaved exactly as he did when he first came to the camp. It didn’t take much for the camp mentor to figure out that this was the boy’s response to going back to the life he absolutely detested. The mentor takes the boy for a walk and reminds him about Christ. That the Christ he found at the camp wasn’t going to stay back at the camp but was going to follow this boy back to his home and all his life through. That Jesus Christ would simply take him through. And as they were talking a butterfly began to fly around them. The mentor tells the boy about a legend where the butterfly is God’s reminder to the person that He is thinking about him/ her right then. Immediately the boy retorts,’ Well, how do you know that the butterfly here’s for me and not you? That God wants me to know that He is thinking about me and not you? The boy had barely completed what he had to say when the butterfly came and settled on him. The mentor writes that there was no need to say anything more.

The butterfly since then has always reminded me about God thinking about me. Everytime I see a butterfly today, it’s not about God thinking about me, it’s about me realising and acknowledging that God is thinking about me. It’s a good thought. A nice thought. A real thought.

Back to tatting :P… this is simple…

Suggestion: Don’t miss the butterlfy 🙂

The link:

Leave about 2″ tail before beginning. R 12-2-2-8-4.

R 4+6-6-4.

R 4+6-6-4.

R 4+8-2-2-12.

Tie ends together closely, leave about 2″ tail anImaged cut. Knot close to ends for antennae.


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